Ymalos is the 18th Lord of Creation

Information Block Edit

Name: Ymalos

Domains: Moon of Yrie, Slaughter, Underdark

Appearance: A twenty foot tall blood troll.

Symbol: A troll's hand, covered in blood.

Background Edit


  • Created by Maibe to have someone to talk to.

Description & Personality

  • Ymalos was very industrious and creative. He tried protect the Moon of Yrie and make it more beautiful. However, at the beginning of the second age he attempted to create his own race. The attempt fail and he went on a rampage, killing many dhorem in the process.

Planes Edit

  • The Mouth - A prison plane for the World Eaters.

Artifacts Edit

  • Fountain of Life - Provides nourish PP
  • Unnamed Shield - +1 combat bonus.
  • Vengance - Ymalos's spear. +1 combat bonus.

Exarchs Edit

  • Prayog, Messenger of Ymalos - Provides guide PP

Heroes Edit

  • Mortals that are your gods champions

Races and People-Groups Edit

  • The Bloodsworn: A nation of Blood Trolls that are Ymalos's most devout worshippers.
  • Blood Trolls - Giant trolls even more powerful than fell trolls.
  • Digger Trolls - Smaller trolls that are designed to live underground.
  • Grimlocks - Medium humanoids that were carved from stone.
  • Maenads - Warped Dhorem that spread death and carnage all over the universe.
  • The Morsinfra - A tribe of Digger Trolls that use pitfall traps to hunt Dhorem.

Beasts Edit

Plants Edit

  • Moon forests.

Landforms Edit

Power Level Edit

1 PP/day