Metal dragon


Visarga, the first dragon and patriarch of their race.

"Brinn took ahold of the elemental energy from the realm Hrinori had just left, seizing elements of all natures. This flying creature would be borrowing the strength of earth, the mobility of air, the passion of fire, and the flexibility of water. The base design would be that of Ankirega, her faithful friend... a creature of fury and instinct, it would need the weapons she had created for Ankirega- claws, teeth, strong senses. The elemental energy came before her in his rough image, though the fire licked out rebelliously. Focusing on that element, she forced it to run through the image, and not out of it. To fly, it would need wings.. massive folds of flesh to force the air from below it and propel it through the skies. She formed these behind the front legs of the Ankirega-image, and grew them to a far larger size than Ankirega might have used. This creature would be able to intimidate just by existing.

A creature of truly large scale... instead of the short neck Ankirega had, she wrung it out like a breadstick, rolling it into a longer form, and gave the creature an awe-inspiring face- backswept nubs of bone, and a large maw below intelligent eyes. It would need a longer tail, too, allowing it to turn easier in midair, and to protect itself from behind. The fur would not protect it from the vicious attacks the evil gods might throw at it, however.. for this, she took Lohak's idea and Hrinori's will, unconciously forming interlocking sheets of metal scales, to protect the creature's soft hide. Though she was not a metalworker herself, Hrinori could easily work with and through her. Lohak then shaped the scales in as fine of armor as could be made, each covering the other in an impentrable defense.  This fine creature would be the first of many, she suspected- a perfect melding of the many elements."