Twist is a corrupted spirit, changed by the venom of Sassriss. Originally a fox spirit and one of the Greater Spirits, he declined to give his name as the creation of his race. Later, while playing tag with squirrels, the parasite exarch latched onto him, injecting him with her venom as she ate of his memories. While the venom was not meant to cause damage, only numb pain, the spirit suddenly became pale white/green and began throwing up black bile. Stumbling to the water, he felt corruption spreading through him, eventually consuming him. He named himself Twist, and awoke several other spirits in his image, calling them Blight Spirits. The defenders of Verda quickly attacked and overwhelmed his small group, Wildfather destroying one. They fled into the void above Verda, and Wildfather chased Twist, biting his leg hard before being flung back to Verda. Twist and his companions plan to find a new home, that does not immediately rise against him in force as Verda did.

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