Tos'Arai 3
The Tos'Arai, spirits chosen by Eshcal to guide the souls to their final rest are natural shapeshifter gifted with the ability to sense the moment of death of every living creatures, these creatures are part spirit and part living being and can "touch" the souls of other creatures ignoring their mortal shell...

Description Edit

Tos'Arai, or simply Wardens in their language, can assume three different forms, the first is that of a carrion beast, usually a flying one like a vulture or raven, in this form they look exactly like a normal beast of their specie, however those that are near to their death can see the true nature of Tos'Arai, as an unnerving horror if they are afraid of dying or a gentle companion if they feel ready to go. The second form is that of a large humanoid creature with the head of their chosen carrion beast and two pairs of black feathered wings. Finally they can briefly assume the apperance that they had in life a thing that they do rarely. 

Tos'Arai have sworned an oath of loyalty to Eshcal and to their mission of guiding the souls of the dying, as long as their service is not fullfilled they can't really die, their spirits are reincarnated by Ehscal with their memories and powers intact in a short period of time. After 1111 years of services has finished the Tos'Arai can chose to serve for another similar period or to die in peace, as every Tos'Arai has already tasted the pleasure that awaits them in the World On The River they usually choose death over service

History Edit

Tos'Arai are currently fullfilling their task in guiding the souls, but has not found any obstacle in their mission yet.

Important Settlements Edit

The Tos'Arai resides in the World On The River, however most of the time they are scattered in the void escorting souls in their final journey.

Society Edit

Coming Soon

Names Edit

What naming conventions do they have?

Names: They tend to assume the names that they have in life, however they rarely use names and they can tell each other instinctively.

Stats Edit

They are not meant to be a pc race for now, they are more like demons, devils or agels.

Classes Edit

They Tos'Arai specialize to follow their philosophical theories about death, taking a different carrion bird as their totem in the process, for now there are no distinction and specilization yet.

Techs Edit

Warriors, Necromancy, Medicine, Stone Working, Hunting, Music, Blood Magic, Glassworking, Forge Deathsteel, Architecture.

Sample Monster Edit

Tos'Arai PureTos'Arai CenturionTos'Arai Scholar

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