The Sculptor

The Sculptor

The Sculptor is the 10th god in existence, created by Lohak, and has control over Water.

Monster of the reef by Ruth Tay-1-


Information Block Edit

Name: The Sculptor

Domains: Water, Ice, Poison, Renewal, Steel, Vengeance

Appearance : A female silhouette with The Crystal Lotus embedded in her breast. The Crystal Lotus radiants a pale blue light that barely illuminates her form.

Symbol: Sacred Lotus Blossom

Background Edit


  • Hrinori was the second elemental god to be created by Lohak. When the god of corruption created a powerful artifact on her world of Lor'quhan, Hrinori was inadvertantly affected, becoming quite crazed. In the process of freeing herself from Madness (and incidentally, ascending Nennave), she crafted a new identity for herself, calling herself The Sculptor, and claiming the domain of Renewal.

Description & Personality

  • More details about your god; what they look like in-depth, how they act, maybe what they plan to do

Planes Edit

  • The Susurrus (demiplane) -- An inverted world linked to the rest of the cosmos by the Whispergates, the only entrances and exits from the plane.

Artifacts Edit

  • The Crystal Lotus (Moderate) -- helps the wielder manipulate cold and radiant energies. (Combat)
  • The Whispergate (Moderate) -- provides a means of travel between worlds.
  • The Tombs of Remembrance (Greater) - provides nourish/denourish PP.

Exarchs Edit

  • The Sculptor has ascended an Exarch of Ice. This Exarch was named Hrinori, and approximately matches the goddess' appearance and demeanor before her rebirth as The Sculptor.
  • Fulrit, Exarch of Vengeance.
  • Orimoth, a combat exarch.

Heroes Edit

  • None

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Plants Edit

  • Same as Beasts, just with plants instead

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Power Level Edit

1 PP/day