During Ankirega's time with the Life-Web, the abudant life energy shaped the forest surrounding them into a vast temple of petrified wood. The Grotto has only one entrance, on the southern side, while the remainder of it is a perfect half-sphere of petrified wood. While the first artifact located here was the Life-Web, Ankirega later made the Talon Barrier and Wall of Origins artifacts. The first was as a defense against the blood demons spawned by raithon's corpse, while the second was to aid him and Brinn in the creation of intelligent life and to chronicle their history. Within the Grotto, most of their greatest creations took form; Orine the Alabaster Dragon, the Primal Spirits, and most recently the useage of the Grotto as a nation of primal spirits. While the spirits could be said to have no true home, they revere The Grotto as a place of abundant life and power, and the larger-than-life space within can house hosts of the spirits in a gathering. From the Life-Web also came Araiyo, the spirit of the artifact, who claims sisterhood of Ankirega and holds unspoken command over the spirits.

As a nation, The Grotto holds many thousands of spirits, and is a place of both natural beauty and of music. Inspired by Ankirega's unique method of creation, the spirits themselves weave music, most using sounds of nature with a harmony of words. The spirits recently came into contact with the Gigotaurs, and taught them music- an amusing and somewhat scary occurence. In the future they hope to cement a friendship with the mighty bovines. Since the Great Fire, The Grotto has expanded even further, growing to include Blaze, Ash, Snow, and Wild Dragons, as well as Phoeni and Anala races. The Ankir, native to Renissa, have also come to The Grotto and live on the lower levels with the Anala. The nation is ever-growing as new populaces fill it's multiple-tierd spaces. At this point, the nation has established trade ties with Casaka and Asha.

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