The first exarch(s) of The Silent One, The Brothers were initially created to test Kouru's devotion to truth against their master's lies. One, Radix, may only speak truth. The other, Xidar, may only speak lies. At the conclusion of the contest, which was deemed a draw, The Silent One left them for a time for the Shadowfell, before being approached by The Sisters of Time. After their suicide, the Brothers were changed by The Silent One to guard his secret. They became Honor and Chivalry, and set to convince others that Dharrox was a different god than The Silent One. Finding themselves alone on Verda, they approached Ankirega, asking him and Brinn of their relationship. Jealous of the friendship the two shared, they decided to take their own initiative, as Ankirega suggested, and created The Labyrinth, a vast dungeon network under Verda. They then created the Gigotaurs as it's guardians and stewards, and taught them Dharrox's Code. Pleased by their creations, their maker congratulated them.

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