Sonel is the fifth god, and it holds dominion over Invention and Gravity.

Information BlockEdit

Name: Sonel.

Domains: Invention, Gravity, Love

Appearace: Currently undefined. It looks like a shimmery white aura right now.

Symbol: Also undefined.



  • Sonel was created with the combined power of Grawlf the god of Knowledge, and Lohak the god of Creation.

Description & Personality

  • Sonel is a young enthusiastic god why finds great joy in discovering new things, and is happiest when toying with new activities according to it's creative impulses. It laid the groundwork for the Forests of Pasha and did some more stuff that I will elaborate upon later. :D


The Retreat , a demiplane located within one of Verdan's moons.  Sonel has control over who can enter and when.


  • Gravity Wall that protects the sphere from outward intrusion. Also makes it difficult for non-divines to leave the sphere.


Gierce, Created from the Revita-Core

Tomett, the Proto-Golem.


Races and People-GroupsEdit

Elemental Golems



Beasts Edit

  • Cragnas the Green, a gargantuan beast that is capable of converting dead or dying matter into fresh algae that will develop into new plants by passing them through its body.  It moves slowly and ignores most things, but can be provoked by a strong enough attack or something disturbing the natural order.  When provoked it will retaliate by drawing in energy from nearby sources and firing hundreds of concentrated beams from the pores all over its body.



  • Pulled the planet's three moons into orbit.

Power LevelEdit

1 PP/day