Shry is the 16th Lord of Creation

Information BlockEdit

Name: Shry

Domains: Dream, Nightmare, Imagination, Prophecy, Psionics.

Appearace: A insubstantial wisp with two arms ending in black spiked gauntlets. His eyes are simply black orbs.

Symbol: None as of yet


Shry was created just in time to see the creation of the Astral Sea and the Court of the First Ones, when he created Dreamscape while trying to imitate them. He later left and followed Brinn to the The Isles of Wonder where he ended up creating various kinds of Dream Creatures. When Lohak was taken by Grawlf to the Court to recover, Shry followed and examined Lohak's dreams, discovering the Void eating them up. He fled from Lohak's tainted dreams, but was touched by a spark of the void. In trying to fight it, he fell unconscious.


  • Shry was created by Eshcal in his loneliness.

Description & Personality





Races and People-GroupsEdit

  • Quori, the Dream Lords.

Beasts Edit



Power LevelEdit

1 PP/day

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