Sarris and Evshan are two Aszhari twins, the first of their race, blessed with a special link of mind with each other and of power with their father the god of winds and death, Eshcal. They were sired wen Eshcal, curious of learning the secrets of life, briefly incarnated himself in a mortal shell, assuming the appearance of a stormfang behemoth.

The twins, while possessing innate divine power, due to having a god as their father, are still inexperienced in channelling such an energy and mostly live in the forest of the Isels by hunting and hiding from stronger beasts, their lives changed when Sarris, the female, managed to make many Aszhari eggs hatch, properly giving life to the new race of beasts.

 Sarris and Evshan personalities are quite different from each other, the first has a practical and more focused mind, howver she might become extremely emotional if she grow attached to something. Evshan is apparently more passionate and gifted with an evern ending curisity and desire to learn and experience new things, however in his rush of "doing more" he tend to lose interest quite fast in anything he does.

Blessed with Eshcal blood the twins will be able to shape powerful miracles and fights evenly, expecially when together, against the strongest demons of creation...

Sarris provides Shape PP.

Evshan provides Guide PP

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