Renissa Map

A Greater plane created by Brinn is secret, it is currently small and undeveloped, yet holds great powers of healing and life. The one area currently in existance is a large lake surrounded by mountain peaks with trees crawling up their sides. The plane was originally created by Brinn to heal Grawlf after Lohak's attack, though she had planned it for some time. After creating the Primal Spirits on Verda, Ankirega brought them to Renissa as well, and populated it with all manners of predator and prey. He and Brinn have high hopes for the plane, and intend to make it something truely vivid.

Currently, these people have access to it, and know about it:

Brinn + Ankirega




Renissa has three continents: Ver, Saa, and Et'tur, going in a clockwise order from the top left.