Quori are strange sentient creatures who are both of the Dream, and of the world. They are generally a creature of dreamstuff, as befitting their origin from the Dream Beasts, but each has a different look, and each can change that look at-will. They posess formidable psionic abilities, able to do many things with their minds, and to others minds. Each has a personal force made of Dream Creatures, with the size varying depending on how powerful the Quori is at the moment.

Quori form a nomadic/tribal/something society. Basically they will stay apart until they form alliances for some reason, which never last long. Each Quori controls some area of land, which they want to expand, but without coming into contact with other Quori. The Quori Dream Lord, an exarch of Shry, recently brought some semblance of order to the power structure, with him at the top, and everbody else below him. They have some contact with the Beholders, and about one in ten or twenty Quori have a Dreamtouched Beholder "ally".  They are also abducting and realeasing Aszhari, probing there minds, and then wiping the knowledge of the encounter and replacing it with something innocent. During the Aszhari Civil War, they took the opportunity to abduct a few Aszhari, as well as saving a small portion of the Jeraca. The Jeraca were all given to Dreamtouched template to keep them docile, from killing themselves due to lack of tings for them to kill. The captured Aszhari kept as normal as possible.

They have recently begun expanding into the Beholder Territory.

Racial Information:

Base Power: 4

Nourishes: 4

Techs: (4): Training and Herding the Dream Beasts, Rituals, Blood Magic(from the Aszhari), Hunting (Applies to Dream Creatures trained by the Quori), Mental Control Mastery

Nations: Nomadic/tribal/something, no nation, but under the control of the Quori Dream Lord.

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