This is a list of Gods, their players and where the gods are currently going\staying.

From Nerdzul: I'll upgrade this page as much as I can in order to make finding the other gods easier, however due to my huge time difference and my job I'll hardly be able to upgrade it more than once or twice a day (in the morning) so if you want to contribute I'd love that. Those that are in the "other" section because I don't know their current location or are just a little inactive recently.

Location God Player Notes
The Elemental Chaos Shry Ekluag
Verda Brinn Shadowhntr7
Verda Ankirega Shadowhntr7 Kickass Puppy
The Void Grawlf Topheh
Court of the First Ones Samtaana Topheh Proto-Beholder-Exarch-Extrordinaire
The Elemental Chaos Lohak ff6shadow
The Void Between the Stars The Sculptor Veok equidistant between Verda, Lor'quhan, and Arcadia
Yrie Bel Aradeia
The Elemental Chaos The Silent One AnubisDread Hiding his real identity, posing as Dharrox
Court of the First Ones Eshcal Nerdzul
Renissa Khitis Lord Ventnor
Verda Sarris and Evshan Nerdzul Half divine sons of Eshcal
Yrie Ymalos Aboleth11
Yrie Maibe Aldii
Yrie Zo-Att Mechalibur In Bel's Stomach
Kurshek, the Bastion of Stone Sorstal LordManshoon
Other Lizt MatthewSwift Inactive until further notice
Other Sku'byss Chapien
Other The Three Sisters Aradeia Dead
Other Sonel moondoggy Will be inactive for a while
Other Ninneve AngelOfTheNight
Other Avalokama DarkLotusBorn
Other Kouru ArenTrel