This page was created by Eshcal and made part of Grawlf Codex, it describe instinct and passion as a reminder that even creatures of reason still needs to follow a portion of their bestial souls. The page is currently part of the codex and can't be use by mortals unless somehow stolen or movede by Grawlf.

Stat Block Edit

The Page of Instinct (Heroic Artifact) 

"A large scroll with strange symbols, just reading it make the reader feel the call of his deepest passion and nearly suppressed beastial urges."

Wondrous Item

Property: The wielder gains a +2 bonus to nature and insight checks, however he also suffer a -1 penality to diplomacy and bluff.

Power (daily): Words of Rage, Minor Action (the user must read the scroll to activate it), close burst 10, until the end of your next turn the target gains a +2 power bonus to hit and deals an extra d6 of damages with the first attack that hit. The target can make an attack as a free action when this power is used but if he choses to do so he loose 5 hit points.

Concordance Edit

+1 Owner is Chaotic

+1 Owner is from a primal class

+1 For each week that the owner subsist in the wilds, huting his own food and providing his own shelter without the use of complex tools or magic.

-1 Owner is from an arcane class

-1 Owner is Lawful

-1 Owner lies to achieve his own ends

-2 Owner help spreading civilization and culture

+1\-1 Owner help to achieve the item current goal \ Owner fight against the item current goal.

(the goal is still work in progress)

Pleased (16-20)

Power (daily): Gift of Instinct (Minor, Rage), Still Work in progress.

Satisfied (12-15)

Power (daily): Word of Insight (minor action), the owner expend an healing surge and gains a +5 bonus to a skill check, this bonus can't be gained while doing Arcana, Religion, Thievery or Bluff checks.

Normal (5-11)

Unsatisfied (1-5)

The owner has a -2 penality to diplomacy and bluff.

Angered: 0

The owner has a -2 penality to diplomacy and bluff.