A comprehensive list of every PP spent by a particular god in the order they were performed, as well as the date of their creation. For dead and inactive gods, see this page.

Brinn and Ankirega: October 26thEdit

  • 1 PP Given To Sonel
  • 1 PP: Nourish Land: Creates flowers of many colors under the 'trees'.
  • 3 PP: Create Exarch: Ankirega
  • 3 PP Expenditure: Claim Domain (greater): Harmony
  • 2 PP Ascend a god for the Life Domain
  • 2 PP Claim Domain: Healing
  • 1 PP: Claim Song (Lesser) Domain for Ankirega
  • 3 PP: Create Greater Artifact: The Life-Web (Grants spawn PP)
  • 1 PP: Create Artifact (Lesser): Talon Barrier - an artifact capable of restricting the demons spawned from Raithon to a relatively small area.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Land: Remove Raithon's corruptive poison from the land.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Land: Create the Cyan Star, a giant flower, on one of the asteroids.
  • 2 PP (1 from Life-Web): Spawn Superior: Rockwood Elementals
  • 1 PP: Create Artifact: Chord Amulets
  • 2 PP: (1 from The Sculptor) Spawn Superior: Visgarga, the Dragon Patriarch.
  • 3 PP: Create the Void Matrix artifact.
  • 4 PP (one from Void Matrix): Create Plane (Greater): Renissa.
  • 2 PP: Create Artifact (Moderate): Morph Void
  • 3 PP: Create Artifact (Greater): The Wall of Origins. Provides Shape PP.
  • 2 PP (1 from Life-Web): Spawn Superior: Orine, the Alabaster Dragon.
  • 1 PP (From Life-Web): Spawn Creatures (Lesser): A variety of predators.
  • 1 PP: Spawn Creatures (Lesser): A variety of prey.
  • 2 PP (1 From Wall of Origins): Shape Populace (Greater): Primal Spirits
  • 0 PP: Mold Renissa many, many times.
  • 1 PP: Spawn (Lesser): Predators for Renissa
  • 1 PP: Nourish (Lesser): Prey for Renissa
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace- Awaken primal spirits on the Isles of Wonde.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace- Awaken primal spirits on Yrie.
  • 0 PP (+1 from Life Web/Araiyo) - Spawn (Lesser): Saukhya
  • 3 PP: Teach Populace: Music
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: Awaken Primal Spirits on Renissa.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: The Spirits of Verda claim The Grotto as their 'nation' and gathering grounds.
  • 2 PP: Ascend God: Peace
  • 2 PP: (1 from Wall of Origins): Shape Populace: Sap Dragons
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace/Nation: The Grotto flourishes with the work of the Spirits.
  • 2 PP: (1 PP from Wall of Origins): Shape Populace (Greater): The Ankir, in epic version.
  • 3 PP: Ascend Exarch: Araiyo (Provides Nourish PP)
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: Primal spirits come to Avanii.
  • 3 PP: Create Artifact (Greater): Stones Of The Forest-Mother (name may change), provides Guide PP.
  • 1 PP: Given to Grawlf for the new world.
  • 1 PP: (From Araiyo): Nourish Primal Spirits: They expand onto Kahnda.
  • 3 PP: Create phoenixes from the Immortal Flame. (1 PP from Toph, 1 from Other-Shadow)
  • 1 PP: Modify Sap Dragons: Blaze Dragons
  • 1 PP: Modify Sap Dragons: Ash Dragons
  • 2 PP: Nourish Populace: Blaze and Ash Dragons
  • 2 PP: Create Artifact: Phoenix Bow (1 PP from Void Matrix)
  • 2 PP: Guide Populace: Create the nation of Asha on Renissa.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: Many spirits join Asha.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: Ankir join The Grotto.
  • 2 PP: Nourish Populace: The Grotto and Asha form trade relationships.
  • 3 PP: Guide Populace: The Spirits learn Shamanism.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Land: Create Star Lilies.
  • 2 PP: Nourish Nation: Blaze and Ash Dragons join The Grotto.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Nation: Sap dragons join Asha
  • 3 PP: Nourish Populace: Ankir. The Ankir, in both variations, grow greatly in number.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Nation: The Grotto begins trade with the Aszhari.
  • 2 PP: (1 from Void Matrix): Create Void's Embrace, a combat artifact that hides the wearer from senses other than sight.
  • 2 PP: (1 from Void Matrix): Create Artifact (Moderate): Regalia of the Forest-Mother, a suit of armor.
  • 1 PP: Create Artifact (Lesser): Chord Amulet
  • 1 PP: Modify Sap Dragons into Snow Dragons
  • 1 PP: Modify Blaze Dragons into Wild Dragons
  • 1 PP: Modify Phoeni into Anala.
  • 3 PP: Nourish Nation: The Grotto grows and Snow Dragons, Wild Dragons, and Anala join.
  • 3 PP: Nourish Nation: Asha grows and Anala, Snow Dragons, and Wild Dragons join.
  • 3 PP: Guide Populace (1 from Stones of the Forest-Mother): Ankir learn Nature Magic, and it spreads through The Grotto.
  • 1 PP: Create Artifact: The Wild Lands. The chaotic energy forces the fear-inducing forces out, replacing them with a place of chaotic growth and change.
  • 3 PP: Create Artifact: Soul of Verda. The combined forces of the mortals (with help from Araiyo) awaken an instinctive guardian of the planet. Linked to the Life-Web, it covers the entirety of Verda and acts to protect itself from harm; i.e. raging fires, artifacts of fear, etc. It's connection to the divine, spiritual, and physical realms makes the land easily mutable. It provides Mold PP.
  • 1 PP: Mold Land (Lesser): The impact crater Brinn left when she fell, the lands around it, and the Traasa Darvi become anathema to the good races of Verda; a land of fear and death.
  • 1 PP: Spawn (Lesser) (1 from Life-Web): Create the Kelen, which are definately not chocobos.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Void: Create Vocere, the star-travelling flowers.
  • 1 PP: Spawn Lesser: Create the Tenders, who tend the Vocere.
  • 3 PP (1 from Araiyo): Nourish Populace: Sap, Blaze, and Ash Dragons spread to Asha.

2 PP: Orine establishes the nation of Iwari, the White Library.

  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: Yrie's spirits join Iwari.
  • 2 PP (1 from Stones): Guide Nations: Iwari and The Grotto establish trade.

Total Spent: 127

Grawlf: October 23rdEdit

  • 1 PP Modify Artifact: United Balls of Flame. The balls of flame are now connected to one another. Things that affect one orb affect each orb to some degree, although the connection strength is randomly assigned. In the future, such orbs could possibly be used as communication devices over long distances by talented and precise mortals.
  • 1 PP + 1 PP from Zo-att: Ascend God: Ascend the god of Secrets.
  • 1 PP for ascending the god of creativity
  • 1 PP: Modify Spawn: Modify the Amoebas to become the Vokdara. The Vokdara are basically unintelligent versions of the Borg.
  • 1 PP: Mold Land (superior): Create the planet of Vok, home of the Vokdara.
  • 2 PP: Spawn Creature (Superior): The Shepherd. The Shepherd is a giant whale.
  • 1 PP to Sonel.
  • 2 PP: Claim Domain (moderate): Duty.
  • 2 PP: Spawn Creature (Superior): Failure, the first form of Grawlf, horribly broken and disfigured by the attempts to raise it to life, and now imprisoned deep beneath the surface of the Shadowfell.
  • 2 PP: Ascend Domain: Light.
  • 2 PP (1 from Sonel, 1 from Voiceless): Modify/Create Artifact: The Stars.
  • 1 PP: Create Artifact: Rods of Obsidian and Yew.
  • 2 PP: Claim Domain (moderate): Stars domain.
  • 2 PP: 1 from The Sisters: Ascend God: Truth.
  • 1 PP given to Lohak
  • 2 PP: Spawn Creature (Greater): Sun Worms. Worms of intense flames and heat that reside in the deserts of Yrie.
  • 2 PP (Sonel and Maibe):  Create Plane(lesser):  The Court of the First Ones.
  • 2 PP (Khitis and 1 from Me): Create Artifact (Moderate):  Pillars of Retribution.  Will automatically act as a combat artifact for any god attacked in the central plaza itself.
  • 1 PP given to Eschcal in the form of energizing the Court of the First Ones.
  • 3 PP:  Ascend Exarch:  Ascend Samtaana, who appears to be an eternal tyrant shell for all intents and purposes.  Provides create PP.
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Land:  The planetoids are covered in plants.
  • 3 PP (one from Samtaana):  Create Artifact (Greater):  The Codex of Intelligent Thought.  Provides Shape PP
  • 1 PP: Create Artifact (Lesser): PA System
  • 2 PP: Ascend God:  Worship
  • 2 PP (1 from the Codex):  Shape Populace:  Glass Titans.
  • 1 PP given to Maibe (in the form of the titans)
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace:  The titans form the nation of Casaka.
  • 2 PP (1 from Samtaana) given to Lohak.
  • 1 PP:  modify Populace:  Meteoric Titans emerge from the Glass Titans. 
  • 1 PP:  Create Artifact (lesser): Karhedron's Rage:  Piercing sword for a titan-sized creature.
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace: Casaka flourishes and makes more titans
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace: Casaka flourishes and expands its capital city.
  • 3 PP:  Guide Populace:  Casaka learns the principles of architecture and uses it to build grand glass spires.
  • 2 PP (1 from Codex):  Shape Populace(greater):  Form Beholders, in all their glory on the Isles of wonder.
  • 1 PP:  Modify Populace:  Beholders give rise to the race of the cyclops!
  • 3 PP (1 from Samtaana):  The Lens of Casaka:  Gigantic Lens that focuses the power of the sun to do the Casakan's bidding.  Too slow to use in combat, it provides nourish/denourish PP.
  • 2 PP (1 PP from Shry):  Create Plane (lesser): to create the Potentium.
  • 2 PP:  Claim Domain (moderate): Prophesy
  • 1 PP given to Shry to create the Dream-touched Template.
  • 4 PP:  Mold Land (1 from Zo-Att, 1 from Brinn, 1 from Sku'Byss):  Kahnda, a world in conflict.  Twelve different habitats, stolen from all across the universe, coexist side by side, boundaries maintained by a mystical barrier (see below)
  • 3 PP: (1 from Zo-Att, 1 from Samtaana, 1 from Sku'Byss:  Create Artifact(greater):  Heart of Kahnda:  Artifact that regulates the domains of Kahnda.  Appears on the surface as thousands of short, 5-foot posts that run up and down the borders between the regions of Kahnda.  Moving these posts (easily done), moves the very boundary between the regions, allowing for regions to shift in size and shape.  While no region can actually be completely destroyed, it can be reduced down to a very small area.  Semi-Sentient, the power and balance of the domains on Kahnda.  Provides guide PP in the form of subliminal messages to foment conflict between the domains.
  • Give 1 PP to Brinn for the taming of the fire beast.
  • 1 PP:  Spawn Creature:  Sap Rings.  Scavenger creatures that absorb decaying matter and can also photosynthize resources... although with a much reduced efficiency.
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace: Casaka-  TRADE relationship officially formed, and there is prosperity
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace: The Grotto- TRADE relationship officially formed, and there is prosperity
  • 1 PP: from the Codex: Modify Populace:  Glass Titans are transformed to marble Titans
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace:  Meteoric Titans join Casaka
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace:  Marble Titans join Casaka
  • 1 PP: Spawn Beast (lesser):  Sap Rings multiply in number and varieties.
  •  2 PP:  Shape Populace (greater):  Maruts.  They live in the Astral Sea and are collectors of knowledge, providing services for new pieces of information
  • 1 PP (from Samtaana):  Create Artifact(lesser):  Another piece of the project... this one is an air purification system.
  • 1 PP (from Codex):  Modify Populace:  Salt Titans from Glass Titans
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace:  Salt Titans join Casaka
  • 1 PP:  Spawn Creature(lesser):Sap Rings diversify even further.
  • 1 PP:  Modify Populace:  Eldrich Titan: Salt Titans tap into the magical power within Yrie and are transformed!
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace:  Eldrich Titans join Casaka
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace(from Lens of Casaka):  Casakan flourish
  • 2 PP (1 from Heart of Kahnda): Guide Populace:  Foulspawn begin to worship Ravnos.
  • 3 PP:  Guide Populace:  Casakans learn Mining.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace:  Beholders spread to the gas giant itself.
  • 1 PP:  Nourish Populace:  Cyclopsi
  • 1 PP given to The Silent one for his beast.
  • 3 PP:  Spawn Template:  Vokdaran-assimilated:  Creatures assimilated by the Vokdarans recieve this template.2 PP:  Spawn Creature (paragon): Vokdaran Harvester.  Works like a hunter to return DNA and evolution essences to Vok.
  • 3 PP (1 from Samtaana):  Create Artifact (greater):  Blacksteel Shackles:  IMPRISON artifact.
  • PP:  Nourish Population:  some of the Casakans split off to form the Tarii, or the people of the Boat.
  • PP:  Nourish Populace:  The Tarii are bolstered by the addition of some of the remaining Dhoremi
  • PP (lens of casaka): Nourish Populace:  The Tarii are blessed by strength from the lens of Casaka.
  • PP: Create Artifact:  Engines of the Ark.  Engines to power the ark on its journey.
  • 2 PP: Guide Populace: Casakans stand ready to begin trade with the Djinn, if the Djinn accept.
  • 1 PP (lens of casaka): Denourish Land: Burn large swaths of the forest north of the desert on Yrie, turning it into more desert.
  • 2 PP (using extra PP): guide Populace: Tarii finally leave in the Ark, heading for Avanii.

1 PP (from Samtaana): Create Artifact: Some sort of artifact under Yrie. Its a secret!

1 PP: Mold land: Surround the city of Casaka with a lake of fire.

2 PP: Ascend God: Law.'

3 PP: Ascend Exarch: Karhedron becomes an exarch (full transition to come soon), he provides guide PP.

1 PP: Guide Populace (from Karhedron): Karhedron sets Casaka moving towards the Isles of Wonder.2 PP: Guide Populace: Caskans learn to write.

  • Total PP Spent: 122

Sonel: October 23rdEdit

2 PP - Create Artifact:  Thing for god of knowledge.

1 PP Claim Domain:  Gravity

3 PP Create Artifact - 'Gravity Wall' that protects the sphere from outward intrusion.  Also makes it difficult for non-divines to leave the sphere.

2 PP Spawn Creature (Superior): 

2 PP Ascend God: Forest

3 PP - Given to Lohak

1 PP - Given to Grawlf

1 PP and 1PP from Zo-Att - Ascend God (Corruption)

1 PP Modify Spawn - Altered the tree thingy so that it is smaller and less violent and hungry.

3 PP Ascend Exarch - Gierce, the Revita-Core animated and given sentience.  Provides Modify PP

2 PP Create Plane (Lesser) - The Retreat, a small demi-plane where you feel awesome after taking a long nap.

1 PP Given to Grawlf

2 PP Create Artifact (moderate) - Grasp of Dawn and Dusklash. 

2 PP Spawn Creature (moderate) - Golems

3 PP Spawn Creature (greater) - Elemental Golems

3 PP Ascend Exarch - Tomett the Proto-Golem.  Exarch provides a combat bonus.

1 PP Modify Spawn - Change ten golems into protogolems.
2 PP  Ascend God  (when she grows a little)
2 PP  Claim Domain (Moderate) - Luck

3 PP  Create Artifact (Greater) - The Steaming Spire

3 PP Create Artifact (Greater) - A second Steaming Spire.

Total Spent: 43

Lohak: October 23rdEdit

3 PP - Claim Domain (Greater) - Fire

1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - The Burning Orb

1 PP +1 PP (From Toph) - Ascend God - Invention

3 PP - Claim Domain (Greater) - Earth

2 PP - Ascend God - Earth domain

2 PP - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Revita-Core (serves as a combat artifact

2 PP - Claim Domain (moderate) - Metal

1 PP - Mold Land (Superior) - Scatter a large amount of water over creation

2 PP - Ascend God - Water domain

1 PP - Modify Artifact - Shatter the sun into millions of points of light, known as stars, scattered across the nether reaches of existence.

2 PP - Ascend God - Air Domain

4 PP - Create Plane - Elemental Chaos
2 PP - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Valimandar (Combat)

3 PP - Create Artifact (Greater) - Primordial Eye (Mold PP)

1 PP - Claim Domain (Lesser) - Metalworking

3 PP - Claim Domain (Greater) - Water

1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Superior) - A large mass of foating islands
1 PP - Mold Land (Superior) - Add water and copius quantities of air into the area

3 PP - Create Artifact (Greater) - The Stabilizer (Nourish)

3 PP - Claim Domain (Greater) - Void

2 PP : Acend God (Fire)

0 PP - Mold Land (Superior) - Remove the corruption from the elemtenal chaos (it is still within my free mold duration)

1 PP - Modify Artifact - The Eternal Clock can show images from the past, if one has the proper key to activate it.

2 PP: Create Demiplane: Heart of Chaos

2 PP - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Amu-Rasui

1 PP - Given to Bel

1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Superior) - An asteroid field around the world created by Lohak and Grawld.

2 PP - Shape Populace (Greater) - Red Dragons

1 PP - Nourish Land - Add several species of deer and elk to this world.

1 PP - Modify Shape Populace - Using Red Dragons as base material, bring forth white dragons
1 PP - Modify Shape Populace - Using Red Dragons as base material, bring forth green dragons
1 PP - Modify Shape Populace - Using Red Dragons as base material, bring forth blue dragons
1 PP - Claim Domain (Lesser) - Chromatifc dragons
1 PP - Nourish Land - Add more natural wildlife to this world (More small game (squirells, rabbits, game birds, and a few larger specimen (buffalo and such)

2 PP - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Combat artifact for Toph

1 PP - Modify Populace - Change a handful of dragons into Black Dragons

2 PP - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Combat artifact to be named later

1 PP - Nourish Land
1 PP - Mold Land (Lesser) - Form a a bunch of caves in various mountains.

3 PP - Claim Domain (Greater) - Air

3 PP - Shape Populace (Moderate) - Azers

1 PP - Nourish Land - Slow and weaken the fires on Verda

2 PP - Nourish Land - Avanii

1 PP - Given to Brinn for reshapping the flame beast.

3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Unamed Phoenix (combat bonus) 1 PP - De-Nourish Land - Lor'quan's natives plants and animals suffer under violent earthquakes and horrible screams.

1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - A large mountain rises on the surface or Lor'quan, it's peak reaching above the cloud of toxins surrounding the plent.

2 PP - Shape Populace (Greater) - Stone Titans

1 PP - Mold Populace - Use Stone Titans as a template for the creation of Fire Titans
1 PP - Mold Populace - Use Stone Titans as a template for the creation of Ice Titans1 PP - Mold Populace - Use Stone Titans as a template for the creation of Storm Titans

3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Currently unamed. Combat bonus.

1 PP - De-Nourish Land - Lor'quan's natives plants and animals suffer under violent earthquakes and horrible screams.1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - A large mountain rises on the surface or Lor'quan, it's peak reaching above the cloud of toxins surrounding the plent.

3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Unnamed Exarch with Sku'byss. Provides Guide PP.
1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - The land around the Grotto, as well as the Grotto itself. Exact effects are within the sblock below.

1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Traasa Darvii, the Land of Terror. Also to be explained within an sblock below.

3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Unnamed Exarch with Cru
3 PP - Create Artifact (Greater) - The Aberrant Stone (provides Shape PP)

1 PP - Modify Populace - For now, Primal Spirits that encounter the Aberrant Stone are transformed, taking on the form of the Swordwings

1 PP - Claim Domain (Lesser) - Fear

1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - Kill the Primal Spirits living on Avanii. 1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - The Traassa Darvii regrows, resuming the infliction of fear upon the peoples living within the Grotto.

1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - Primal Spirits go exstinct on Kahnda

1 PP - Modify Populace (Greater) - Create Void Dragons, using chromatic dragons as the template. 1 PP - De-Nourish Casaka - The deserts of Yrie are shrowded in darkness for 7 days and 7 nights, weakning the titans

1 PP (Artifact) - Modify Populace - Earth Titans from Stone Titans

2 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Remove the few remaining Dhorem from Yrie, freezing them in stasis until they are placed somewhere safe. 3 PP + 1 PP (Artifact)- Mold Land (Superior) - Yrie is no more.

2 PP - Mold Land (Moderate) - The Moon of Yrie is shattered into an asteroids once more. Without the gravity of Yrie to keep them together, they scatter.

1 PP - Guide Populace - Casaka begins worshiping the Tyrant of Terror

1PP - Nourish Populace - Rescued dhorem form the nation of Nadana

1 PP (Artifact) - Modify Populace - Via the ritual of rebirth, some dhorem are reshaped into elves.

1 PP - Nourish Populace - Elves join Nadana

2 PP - Modify Populace - Earth Titans passing through the gateway become Hill Giants

2 PP - Modify Populace - Stone Titans passing through the gateway become Stone Giants 2 PP - Modify Populace - Frost Titans passing through the gateway become Frost Giants

1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - The Elemental Gateway, a semi-permanent planar portal between the Elemental Chaos and a mountain range on Avanii

Total Spent: 126

Zo-Att: October 23rdEdit

1 PP Modify Artifact - The Burning Orb now becomes the Orbs of Flame. (Still no defined purpose)

1 PP Given to Grawlf

1 PP De-mold land. The empty planetoid is now shattered into several hundred asteroid-like rocks.

3 PP claim domain - chaos
1 PP - Create Artifact - Orb of Entropy

2 PP Ascend God - God of Chaos

3 PP - Ascend exarch - Raithon, the first Demon. +1 Spawn/Week

1 PP given to Sonel

1 PP given to Lohak

1 PP [+1 Raithon] - Spawn Creature (Epic) - Blood Demons

1 PP - Modify land - One moon no longer orbits Verda, but travels on a circuit from Yrie to Verda

1 PP - Create Artifact - The Crimson Pool, basically just a pool of blood on the moon that spawns blood demons.

2 PP - Create Artifact - Empty, the Ice Spear

2 PP - Spawn creature (superior) - The Elder Tarrasque

2 PP- Create Artifact, Cloak of Stars

3 PP: Claim Domain (Greater) - Time

1 PP: Claim Domain (Lesser) - Pain

2 PP - Spawn Thorn Demons

2 PP x3 - Shape Populace (Greater) - Balors, Glabzerus, and Mariliths. They immediately attack the devils

2 PP de-mold (moderate) - Zo-Att sends firey meteors toward Yrie causing large sections to be destroyed.

2 PP - Create Artifact, The Sheath of Flames (combat)

2 PP shape populace - Wrath Dragons

-3 create artifact - The Demon Forge (nourish PP)-1 nourish populace - The Demons increase in number.

-3, Nourish Populace x3 - 1 to each demon type (marilith, glabzeur, balors)

-1 guide populace (and 1 from Demon Forge) - the demons seek to parley with the devils.

2 PP: Given to Grawlf for the new world

-2 modify populace - Create drow from eladrin

-2 guide populace - Drow worship Zo-Att

3PP - Guide Populace - Drow - They learn agriculture. In their case, they are growing mushroom plants (yes, plants, not fungi).

1PP (from Demon Forge) - Nourish Land - Verda has an abundance of mushroom plants. Some are poisonous, but the others can be grown and harvested.

4 PP - guide populace (x2) - Foulspawn and Eladrin worship Zo-Att

1 PP - nourish populace - Created Seyshite, a nation composed of drow and eladrin.

2 PP (one from Forge) - Nourish Populace x2 - Marilith

-3 PP - Guide Populace - Seyshite learns woodworking.

-3  Guide Populace - Seyshite learns archery-1 Nourish Populace - Seyshite

3 PP - Guide Populace - The foulspawn worshipping Zo-Att learn to summon demons.-Fantasy Tech

2 PP (+1 from demon forge) - Nourish Populace (To all three demons) - Create the nation, Abyssal Horde 3 PP - Guide Populace - Abyssal Horde learns Demon-Smelting (Fantasy Tech)

-2 PP - Guide Populace - Foulspawn instructed to worship the Dark Pantheon. Because they worship the same gods, they cease fighting.

-3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Karii the Queen of Mariliths. Provides guide PP. The Harbringer has full control over her, but the extra PP is for Zo-Att.

-2 PP - Create Artifact - Broken Promise (combat - Gift to Ravnos)

-1 PP (From Raithon) - Spawn creature - Blood Web Spiders -1 PP - Nourish Land - Verda has a variety of non-monster spiders -2 PP - Guide Populace - Drow learn to make poison. They will keep this technology secret.

Total Spent: 93

The Silent One: October 23rdEdit

4 PP - Create Plane (Greater): Voiceless converts one of the stone spheres into the Shadowfell, in an attempt to create more secrets in existance.

1 PP - Form Domain (Lesser): Voiceless takes on the domain of Deception (well lies really, but deception is the same thing but sounds cooler)

2 PP - Spawn Beast (Greater) - Spawn Void Amoeba

1 PP - Modify Spawn - Create the Kraaj from amoeba

2 PP - Nourish Land - The Shadowfell develops dark plant life

1 PP given to Topheph for his project,

1 PP - Mold (Superior) - One of the ice spheres develops a layer of rock and dirt

1 PP - Mold (Superior) - The same ice sphere grows numerous poison vents

1 PP - Modify Void Amoeba to Spawn Epic Creature Populace: Create the Plague Amoeboids

1 PP - Claim Domain - The Silent One gains the Fear domain.

3 PP (1PP from ArenTrel) - Ascend Exarch - Create the Brothers

2 PP: Given to the Sisters

1 PP - Modify Epic Spawn - Blood Demons to Rot Harbingers

1 PP - Create Artifact (Modify) - Send the blood demons and the artifact that spawns them back to the moon from where they had originated.

3 PP - Claim Domain (Greater) - The Silent One claims the domain of Darkness

2 PP - Create Artifact (moderate) - Right Arm of Failure, which provides a +1 Combat Bonus.

1 PP - Create Artifact (Minor) - False Corpse of the Silent One - This is effectively a perfect duplicate of the Silent One, with the obvious difference being it's a copy of what he'd be like once dead.

1 PP - Supress Domain (Deception) - The Secret One temporarily surrenders the Deception domain
1 PP - Supress Domain (Secrets) - The Secret One temporarily surrenders the Secrets domain

1 PP - from Brothers - Mold Land (Superior) - Create an adamantine sphere to securely hold the Secret One's power while he masquerades as Dharrox.

1 PP Given to the Sculptor

1 PP - Create Artifact (Minor) - Pages of Virtue

1 PP - Create Artifact (Minor) - Pages of Sin

3 PP - Create Exarch - Sassriss, a parasite that feeds off of secrets and deception. She provides Guide PP

1 PP- From Brothers- Mold Land (Lesser) - Create the Labyrinth

2 PP - Shape Epic Populace - Gigotaurs, larger, shaggier and more heavily horned precursors to minotaurs make their home in the Labyrinth

1 PP - Nourish Populace - The gigotaurs grown greatly in number, and begin to explore outside the Labyrinth.

3 PP - Guide Populace - The gigotaurs learn the art of stone working, especially in regards to architecture.

1 PP from Sassriss - Spawn Lesser - The grindylow, fish like amphibious humanoids with claws of bone arise.

1 PP - Modify Epic Populace - Modify the Primal Spirits into Blighted Spirits, spirits that embody the absolute worst of nature and all of it's banes.

2PP - Decreate Artifact - The Shadowfell is reclaimed from the black tooth

1 Mold PP from Brothers - The Glass Womb - The Brothers create a glass construct for the Silent One's new anti-god weapon project

2PP - Ascend God (Undeath) - The Silent One, with the aid of Sku'Byss, ascends the god of undeath

1PP - Nourish Populace - The blighted spirits move to Lor'quhan, and bolster their number with many lesser spirits.

1PP - Nourish Populace - The gigotaurs grow in number, and create many new cities. Obviously they have to cut more forest down for this, but they keep most of it in tact except for the actual build sites and the roads between towns.
1PP - Nourish Populace - The gigotaurs form the Order of the Labyrinth, a religious order that protects the Labyrinth and consider it holy.1PP - Nourish Populace - The gigotaurs divide into different kingdoms, each ruled over by a noble house. The noble house in power, size and name of the kingdoms change often as rebellions and skirmishes between countries are common place.

2PP (one from Bel) - Wings of Chaos - The Silent One crafts the Wings of Chaos from Bel's power, adding some of his own to the equation. It's a +1 Combat Artifact

1 Spawn PP from Sassriss - Spawn Heroic Tier Beast - Sassriss Spawns Deathrattle Vipers

1PP - Modify Populace - Some Yuan-ti become Yuan-ti Anathemas.

1 Mold PP from Brothers: Create the Gigas Moat, a ribbon of water that completely encircles the gigotaur lands, cutting them off from Verda at large barring a few rocky fords.

3PP - Form Paragon Populace - The mindflayers make their home in the Shadowfell. These are exactly the same as MM mindflayers in terms of mechanics, except that they are Shadow instead of Aberrant.

2PP - Mold Land - Misery Portals appear in areas of great misery, such as ancient tombs and places of great strife. These link the Shadowfell to the other worlds.

1PP (Bonus) - Nourish Populace - The Ithillid form the Elder Brain, and a guild based society.

3PP - Guide Populace - The Ithillid learn to make paper from dark trees, and learn writing. They produce their own ink thanks to their unique biology, and often write with their tentacles.

2PP - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Body of Gaea

3 PP: Ascend Exarch: Ruin (combat bonus)

1PP + 1PP from Grawlf + 1PP from Sassriss - Spawn Epic Creature (Void Horror) - Void Horrors appear,

1PP - Modify Spawn into populace - Create the World Eater Sovereigns from the World Eaters

2PP + 1 de-spawn PP from Sassriss - De-spawn Lunar Striders - The World Eaters devour the Lunar Striders.

3PP - Create Artifact - Create the Maelstrom of Unlife on the Sacred River. Souls now have a choice upon entering the afterlife: move on, or become twisted undead to avenge their death, avoid the afterlife, finish unfinished business and so forth. The purity of their souls are extinguished and expelled into the Shadowfell as mere whisps. Ironically, the tragedy caused by a soul becoming an undead in this way opens a small misery portal at the souls corpse, which leads to undead often stumbling upon their place of death or body as a haunting place. It also provides Guide PP. 1PP + 1 Spawn PP from Sassriss - Spawn Paragon Beast (Wraiths) - Wraiths appear as the undead remains of souls who are full of fury, saddness, or other feelings and can't let them go, especially if such feelings revolve around their own death.

2PP + 1 bonus PP - Nourish Land - Yrie become Unhallowed Ground, which makes undead stronger and greatly increases the odds that a even slightly wayward soul will take the dark path in the river to undeath.

2PP - Form Epic Populace (Ghosts) - The Silent One creates ghosts, which become an incarnation of undead that have unfinished business in the world. Some serve the Dark Pantheon, commanding lesser undead. Others go insane and haunt, while still others remain sane and pure, establishing settlements and looking for a way to pass on.

1 Mold PP from Brothers - De-mold land - the World Eaters devour a chunk of the asteroids comprising the Moon of Yrie 1 PP - De-nourish land - the World Eaters eat the moon's forests 0PP - The 'good' ghosts relocate to Verda.

1PP - Denourish Populace (Morsinfra) - The World Eaters start showing down on some succulent morlocks and trolls. 1 PP Nourish Populace (World Eaters) - The World Eaters rich diet pays off for them.

1PP - Nourish Land - Iron deposits appear in gigotaur lands. 1PP + 1 Guide PP from Whirlpool - Guide Populace - The gigotaurs learn how to mine metal, and forge it into tools, weapons and armor.

Total Spent: 109

Maibe: October 28thEdit

2 PP Claim domain: Sun
1 PP Claim domain: Hope 

2 PP Create Artifact ( Moderate ): The Sun ( This is simply the divine part of the sun that creates it´s gravitational field.)

2 PP: Star-Beasts. Enormous light-absorbing leviathans.

1 PP: Modify artifact:Reform the sun by taking small amounts of power from star-beasts, stars, fires and life-forms and combining them in to a sun.

1 PP Mold Land ( Superior ): Yrië, the world of light.
1 PP Nourish land: Creates a vast varierty of plants and spreads them over the planet.

1 PP Mold Land ( Superior ) Creates oceans, rivers and lakes for the planet.

1 PP to Grawlf Modify land

1PP: Force the moon to rotate around Yrie.

1 PP: Modify Artifact: Changes the location of the artifacts from the surface of the moon to the surface of the Shadowfell.

2 PP Ascend God: The Moon of Yrië

2 PP: The Aurrim, powerful lion spirits acting as Maibe´s chief enforcers.

3 PP: The Arcane heart: An artifact that makes magic possible to be practiced by non-divine beings.

3 PP: Create Greater Artifact: The Book of the Sun

2 PP: Given to Lohak

3 PP: Shape populace ( Moderate ): Dhorem

3 PP: Modify land (Greater) Maibe melt and destroys Yrie´s Moon.

2 PP: (One from the Arcane Heart): Shape populace (Greater): Gold Dragons

1 PP: Spawn Beast (Lesser)  Spawns a couple of birds and mammals that in the northern forests of Yrie. Most of them has minor magical abilities.

1 PP: Nourish populace: The Dhorem increase in numbers and slowly begin to develop a culture of their own. There are about twohundred of them by now.

1 PP: Attack God:  Zo-Att

1 PP: Nourish Populace: The Dhorem increase in numbers and spread to small villages.

3 PP: Teach Populace: Agriculture

1 PP: Nourish land: Fish begins to appear along the shores of northern Yrie.
1 PP: Nourish populace: The Dhoremi increase in numbers and found dozens of villages and now numbers about 20000 in all.

3 PP: Guide populace: Simple Ship-building. The Dhoremi are now able to make ships, canoes and so forth that can travel on rivers and along coasts. They are not able to travel the oceans though.

Create lesser Spawn 1PP: Winged Stone

Total Spent: 46

The Sculptor: October 28thEdit

1 PP - Nourish Land -- normalized the water of Verda, causing an explosion of new water-bound and water-based plants.

2 PP -- Create Artifact (Moderate) -- Crystal Lotus -- a dazzling creation of ice; can be used to focus, direct, or amplify beams of energy and light.

3 PP -- Claim Domain (Greater): Ice 

2 PP spent as part of collective effort to create Lor'quhan.

1 PP: mold land (superior): "Decorates" Lor'quhan with two massive, rotating ice-rock rings and sends ice spores towards Yrie

1 PP: claim domain (lesser): Poison

3 PP: Create Exarch: Hrinori

1 PP: given to Lohak

2 PP: Ascend God: Madness

1 PP: Claim Domain (lesser): Renewal

2 PP: Spawn (Superior) -- Gaerth, The Silver Phoenix

1 PP: Claim Domain (lesser): Steel

1 PP: given to Brinn to help create Visarga

3 PP: Create Artifact(Greater): The Susurrus

1 PP: Claim Domain (lesser): Vengeance

2 PP: Ascend God: Travel

2 PP: Modify Artifact: The Susurrus becomes a demi-plane, inaccessible fom the rest of the void except by portals.

3 PP: Ascend Exarch -- Fulrit - Provides Shape PP.

2 PP: Shape Populace (Superior) -- The (Rimeshadow) Malevolants. Other varieties may develop over time, but they are a single species (Like genasi)

2 PP: Create Artifact (moderate): The Whispergate

1 PP: Nourish Populace: Malevolants -- the Malevolant race expands to include Sandshroud Malevolants.
-2 Spawn Populace (epic) -- Fulrit creates the Leviathans (1 from Fulrit)-

2 Guide Populace -- Hrinori compels the Leviathans to form a the nation of Symmos, led by a Leviathan named Thetis.

-3 Ascend Exarch[Steel] - Orimoth, a combat exarch.

-3 Create Artifact (Greater) -- The Tombs of Remembrance. It provides nourish/denourish PP.

-1 Duplicate Artifact (Whispergate, 2) -- Create a second Whispergate on Verda-1 Duplicate Artifact (Whispergate, 2 ) -- Creates a third Whispergate on Yrie-1 Duplicate Artifact (Whispergate, 2) -- creates a fourth Whispergate on the Isles of Wonder-1 Duplicate Artifact (Whispergate, 2) -- creates a fifth Whispergate on Lohak's distant world

-1 modify Populace -- Change some Leviathans into Frost Archons.

-1 PP Mold (Lesser) -- Create a Strait out of the immediate area where Hrinori's body lands

-1 Nourish Populace -- Malevolants-1 Nourish Populace -- Malevolants -1 Nourish Populace -- Malevolants (From Tombs of Remembrance)

-2 Guide Populace -- The varying types of Malevolants band together to form the nation of "Dark-Winged Angel",  Volumbra Aegis -2 Shape Land (medium) -- Creates the Parched Mountains [mountain range] on the east-most edge of Casaka's border. These peaks are the highest on Yrie.

-2 PP Guide -- Parts of Casaka begin to worship the Pantheon.

-1 nourish Populace (From Tombs of Remembrance) -- Vol'umbra Aegis expands into the Southwest portion of Yrie's desert. The Yrie-based population is primarily Sandshroud Malevolants who are uniquely adapted to survive in the desert.

-2 Modify Populace (1 from Fulrit) -- Change some of the Mariliths into Vindicants, vengeful souls whose loyalty to a person, cause, or ideal keeps them from a restful death.

-2 Modify Land -- The Deserts of Yrie (and only the deserts) become hallowed, and malevolent towards true undead (I.E. not the quasi-dead Malevolants)

-2 Guide Populace -- In the breaking of the siege, Volumbra Aegis is eager to cement its relations with Casaka by creating trade relations.

-3 Guide Populace -- The Titans of Casaka learn how to use Divine Magic by worshiping The Harbinger or the Pantheon.

-1 from Fulrit Shape Populace: Create the Revenants, from the remains and spirit-echoes of Avanii's fallen primal spirits.

Total Spent: 84

Sku'byss: November 1stEdit

1 PP: Modify Creature: Some amoeba become Corrupted Amoeba, who eat on other amoeba.

3 PP: Spawn Beast (Moderate): The first corrupted tree is created. No name as of yet.

3 PP: Create Greater Artifact: The Heart of Corruption, an artifact that provides Mold Land PP.

2 PP: (1 from the Heart of Corruption): The Elemental Chaos slowly begins to corrupt. 
3 PP Create Artifact: The Mind of Corruption, which provides 1 Guide PP.

1 PP Spawn Beast: Create a skeleton.

1 PP Given to the Silent One. 

3 PP Shape Populace (Paragon): The Foulspawn are created.

2 PP Guide Populace: Foulspawn expand into the desert.
1 PP Nourish: The Foulspawn grow in numbers.
2 PP Create Artifact: The Rod of Sku'Byss, which provides a +1 combat bonus.

2 PP: Given to Grawl for a new planet

2 PP Nourish Populace: Foulspawn appear across Kahnda.

1 PP Nourish Populace: The Foulspawn move north into Blood Troll territory.

1 PP Nourish Populace: The Foulspawn form a society of 12 loose clans, one clan for each region of Kahnda.

1 PP Modify Kaorti: The Kaorti can now change shape. 

3 PP Ascend Exarch: The Tyrant, which supplies an extra PP toward guide actions.
1+1 PP (from the Tyrant): The Foulspawn begin to attack the Foulspawn that worship Zo-Att.

3 PP given to the weird angry exarch. 

1 PP Nourish Land: Kahnda has a new, purpilish, weird, metal crystal mineral, unnamed as of yet.
2+1 PP Guide Populace (1 from the Tyrant): The Foulspawn worshipping can mine and make use of the weird crystal mineral.

2 PP Create Plane (lesser): The Body of Corruption is created. For now, only Sku'Byss may enter.

4 PP Shape Lesser Populace: The orcs are born on Verda, near the Body of Corruption.

4 PP Spawn Greater Beast: The Atropals are created. For now, they only live within the Body of Corruption.

2 PP Nourish Populace Foulspawn on Yrie

1 PP Nourish Populace: The numbers of the Kaorti grow.

1 (+1 PP from the Tyrant) Guide Populace: The Foulspawn use the Whispergate to travel to the Parched Mountains. There, they set up a warcamp.

3 PP given to Fury.

2 PP Spawn Beast (moderate): Roots of the Sacred Tree begin to appear in Verda, intent on eating whatever disturbs them.

1 PP Guide Populace: Some orcs leave the village.

Total Spent: 63

Eshcal November 2ndEdit

1 PP: Claim Domain - Exploration

2 PP: Superior Spawn - Create the 1001 winds

1 PP: Mold Land (superior) - Create an atmosphere around the forested world

1 PP: - to help Lohak with his project.

2 PP: Superior Spawn, Herrim.

2 PP: Ascend Domain: Dreams

2 PP: Superior Spawn, The Guardian of the Court

2 PP: Ascend domain: Balance.

2 PP: Claim Domain: Weather

1 PP: Modify - Some Fang Drakes are turned into Stormfang Behemoth

3 PP: Claim Domain (Greater) - Death

1 PP: Mold Land (superior) - Create a new Jovian planetoid

1 PP: Mold Land (superior) - Move the Isles of Wonder around the new planetoid.

3 PP: Ascend Exarch, Sarris, the female, she will provide a +1 shape PP bonus.

3 PP: Ascend Exarch, Evshan, the male, he will provide a + 1 Pp guide bonus.

1 PP: Create, the Page of Instinct.

2 PP:  Shape Populace (greater) - The 1001 winds are now a sentient race (fluffwise they are the old winds made sentient, but mechanically they are like any other race).
2 PP:  Shape Populace (greater): Tos'Arai, Wardens, tasked with guiding the souls to the afterlife (wiki page coming tomorrow)

1 PP Mold Land, the Plain of Bones, a large boneyard created around Eshcal mortal body.
1 PP Create Artifact, God Bones, Eshcal mortal form remnants they have some connection with death and wind, as no mortal nor god has yet wielded them their power is unknown...
1 PP Spawn, Heroic Carrion flying creatures (Vultures and Ravens mostly)

2 PP (1 from Sarris) Shape Populace  (superior) - Aszhari, Eshcal semi divine sons and nephew, they are a reptilian race of extremely arrogant hunters that recharge their own internal heat and supernatural power by absorbing lightnings.
3 PP guide (1 from Evshan) - the Azhari learns hunting.
2 PP Shape epic populace - Zang, a race of sentient jellyfish that inhabit the gasous world of Kandras.

1 PP Spawn Kandras Aether beasts.

3 PP Guide (1 from Evshan) - Aszhari develop a form of divine magic based on blood and sacrifices

1 PP Mold Oshan Gaars, the First temple of the Aszhari.

1 PP Nourish the Aszhari

2 PP (1 from Sarris), shape populace - Djinn.

2 PP Create Demiplane - The Court of Winds

1 PP Modify - A small amount of Aszhari are born as "Blessed Ones" a variety gifted with wings and a closer bond with Eshcal

2 PP Shape (1 from Sarriss), Death Dragons

1 PP Modify - Aszhari, the new race is smaller, bulkier, white-scaled and does not have the half divine nature of their parents.

1 PP Nourish - A group of Djinn manage to travel to Yrie and create the nation of Shuras

1 PP Modify, Some of the Djinn that went on Yrie turned to a darker way, giving life to the Dark Djinns or Qareshi.

1 PP Modify - A new breed of living vampiric Masaren, the Jaraca, is artificially created by the renegade blood priest Ranjan.

1 PP Nourish - Ranjan found a cabal of dark blood priest, the Hand of Ranjan, among the Aszhari civilization

1 PP Nourish - The Jeraca are enslaved by the Hands of Ranjan.

2 PP (1 from Sarris) - Shape Epic Populace - Coatl.

1 PP Modify - Orium Dragons into Kandras Dragons (a wili page with more fluff about them coming tomorrow), they are less inteligent than normal dragons, but still smart enough to communicate with both Zang and dragons.

1 PP Modify - Tos'Arai, a new breed of Vulture headed tos'arai emerge, the Tai'Sar, scholars of death, these beings dedicate their existance in understanding the end of existance. Incidentally they also become extremely skilled healers and assassins.

3 PP Guide (1 from Evshan) - The new Tos'Arai race learn a form of proto "medicine" based on their knowledge of death.

3 PP Guide - The Zang learn the art of sculpting gases and air into semi solid items and buildings. (fantasy tech).

2 PP (1 from Sarriss), Shape Epic Populace - Mourners, the spirits of those whose creator god is death, these beings are allowed to stay at their Tombs to bring respect to the fallen.

3 PP Guide (1 from Evshan, 1 Bonus) - The Aszhari learn the path of the warrior.

1 PP Nourish - The Aszhari Dominion is born

1 PP nourish - The Aszhari that did not join the dominion form a loose alliance of clans.

1 PP Nourish - The Aszhari Clans form an alliance with the spirt folks.

3 PP Claim Greater Domain - War

3 PP Shape Paragon Race - Storm Archons

2 PP (1 from Evshan) - Hand of Ranjan learn psionics from the Quori, (I assume it is a fantasy tech so you have to pay 1 (+1 from this age) point to learn it.

2 PP (1 from Sarriss) - Shape Populace, Revered Ancestors (the spirits of heroes who decides to linger a little more to help their people, however they too could not resist the call of the Tos'Arai and are forced to abandon themselves to the pull of death after a while)

1 PP Nourish - The Aszhari Domnion now includes the Masaren 1 PP Nourish - The Aszhari Dominion now includes the Blessed Ones

1 PP - Modify, from the Tos'Arai create a new breed of eagle headed ones, trained for war they are not guides for the dead spririts but killers and destroyers of undeads.

1PP - Nourish, the Eagle Headed Tos' Arai Form the Crusade of Sorrow, a massive military organization of spirits based in the World on The River.

1 PP Nourish - Raven Headed tos'Arai join the Crusade of Sorrow 1 PP Nourish - The Vulture Headed Tos'Arai jointhe Crusade of Sorrow

1 PP Nourish - The spirits of the warlike Aszhari are recruited among the crusade (mechanically that create a trade agreement between the two races)

3 PP Guide (1 from Evshan), the Eagle Headed Tos'Arai and the crusade of sorrow learn how to shape "deathstuff" to produce weapons and tools... (fantasy tech)

2 PP Shape (1 from Sarriss), Nymph like spirits capable of awakening the feral instincs of mortals. (name is work in progress).

1 PP Mold (or create artifact), The Hall of Reflections, a massive palace that held the memories of Yrie, many secrets of that dead world could be found by those daring enough to best its illusion and please the court of Djinn, evil and good, that guard that monument to Yrie.

3 PP Ascend Exarch, a yet unnamed Herrim exarch, lacking any "specific" power I guess I'll make him a combat exarch (or maybe a nourish if I can change my mind later can I?)

2 PP Shape (1 from Sarriss) Heroic Populace: Lizardmen

2 PP Guide (1 from Evshan) the Crusade of Sorrow learns Necromancy (this does not transfer to the races trading with them, for now at least).

1 PP Nourish, Caska and the Crusade of Sorrow form a "trade agreement"

2 PP (1 from Sarriss, 1 Bonus), Shape Heroic Tier Population, Kobolds

2 PP Shape Heroic Tier Population, dopplegangers, with a reptilian natural form

2 PP (1 from evshan), guide the new dopplegangers to the arts of stealth, including the ability to shield their minds.

2 PP (1 from Sarriss), Shape Heroic Populace, Dragonborn

1 PP Nourish Many Dragonborn joined the Aszhari Dominion and are trained as soldiers by the Aszhari Overlords

1 PP Nourish the Dopplegangers are offered as a gift from Evshan to the dominion, joining the courts of the high ranking bloodpriesst, overlords and packmasters.

2 PP Shape heroic Populace, Air themed Genasi

2 PP Guide (1 from Evshan), the Genasi develop elemental magic (mostly sorcery based and more focused on wind spells).

3 PP Create Artifact, Kandras Core, it provides a nourish pp.

3 PP Spawn Epic Creature, "Eshcal Beasts", non sentient dragon like creatures.

1 PP Nourish, Aszhari Dominion, Eshcal Beasts are tamed by the the Aszhari breeders and used as mounts by the nobility 2 PP The Zang learn to create works of arts, their creations might look disturbing to creature with a traditional mindset, however they still bear a powerful emotional charge

1 PP Guide (from Evshan), the Djinn Nation of Shuras migrate on Verda.

1 PP Nourish, the Stormsoul genasi create a federation of small nation in the northern regions of Verda.

1 PP Nourish, Shuras and the new Genasi nations create a trade agreement, the genasi allow many of their kind to work as servants of the Djinns in exchange for training in various arts and crafts, the Djinns also begun to quickly master genasi elemental magic.

2 PP (1 from Sarriss), Shape Heroic tier populace, Troglodytes 1 PP Nourish, the lizard men form the Scaled Federation, an alliance of tribes and clans, with many other scaled people.

1 PP Nourish, the kobolds join the Scaled federation 1 PP Nourish, troglodytes join the Scaled federation

2 PP Shape (1 from Sarriss), Pterran (flying lizarmen, the original concept is from the Dark Sun world)

2 PP guide the kobolds (and so the federation) learn woodworking.

1 PP Nourish, the Aszhari clans and the Scaled federation form a "trade agreements" the "gods" protects the scaled ones in their territories while they offered sacrifices in their name and support while in time of needs.

2 PP Guide (1 from Evshan), the Aszhari Dominion learn reading and writing. 2 PP Guide, Shuras learn how to forge Chaos Vessels (F) 1 PP Guide, The Djinn train stormsoul Genasi in the art of building Chaos Vessels 1 PP Nourish, the genasi nation create the outpost of Dolfir in the elemental Chaos 1 PP Nourish (from the Hart of Kandras), the Zang begun to colonize the lower regions of the IoW.

Total Spent: 140

Shry: November 7th Edit

2 PP: Create Plane(lesser): Dreamscape, the demiplane of Dreams. The source of dreams for mortals, and even faint echoes of god's dreams might be seen.

2 PP: Create Artifact(moderate): Dream Bridge. A metaphysical pathway that people travel when they dream, that leads to Dreamscape.

3 PP: Spawn Beast(Greater): Dream Beast

2 PP: Claim Domain(Moderate): Imagination

2 PP: 2 Modify Actions on the Dream Beasts. Make Dream Shifter and Dream Flyers

2 PP: Claim Domain(Intermediate): Prophecy
2 PP: Create Artifact(Intermediate): Staff of Dreams. No mechanical powers for now, will agument it later.

2 PP: Shape Populace(Greater): Quori, the Dream Lords

2 PP: Guide Populace(Lesser): Quori form a nomadic/tribal/something society.
3 PP: Guide Populace(Greater): Quori learn to tame the Dream Creatures and use them for fighting and gaurding the lands that individual Quori control

1 PP: Nourish Populace: Quori start to expand over the Isles. Currently a good chunk of the Dreamer's Isles have Quori on them.

3 PP: Staff of Dreams. It now provides +1 Guide PP.

-2 PP: Quide Populace(Lesser): Quori worship Shry
-2 PP: Claim Domain(intermediate): Shry claims to domain of Psionics-

2 PP: Guide Populace(Artifact)(Lesser): The Quori seek out other living beings by exploring beyond their Isles. Anyone with a populace on the Isles can respond to this, I'm not picky.

-1 PP: given to Ravnos

-3 PP (1 from Grawlf): Create Template(Greater): Dream-Touched, a creature that has a greater connection to the Dreamscape. Has a silvery sheen, and is slightly insubstantial, as well as having an almost unreal look to it. Is never applied to Dream Creatures, or Quori. The Quori that applies it can choose at that time to gain greater influence over the creature to whom it is applied.

-2 PP: 2 Nourish Populaces: Quori expand to cover all of the Barren Isles, as well as one or two of the other Isles. About 1 in 10-20 has a Dream-Touched beholder in its service, as well as the Dream Creatures it has trained to obey it.

-3 PP: Create Artifact(Greater): Staff of Dreams now provides +1 Spawn PP

-1 PP: Nourish Populace: Quori expand outward in the Isles

-2 PP: Guide Populace(Lesser): Quori discover the Aszhari, but do not contact them.

-3 PP: the Quori Dream Lord, a Quori who was infused with the pure power of the Dream, as well as a small connection to Shry as a result. Provides Nourish PP.

-3 PP: Guide Populace(Greater): The Quori learn about rituals, and how to use them.

-1 PP: Nourish Trade: Quori and Aszhari. The Quori abduct the Aszhari, and probe them for information, as well as subconsiously implanting some. They exchange Rituals and Blood Magic.

-1 PP: Nourish Trade: Quori and Beholders (Considering what has gone before between these two races, this is probably just spending the official PP).

-1 PP: Create Artifact(Lesser): A barrier that prevents the corrupted and cleansed halves of Lor'quan from mixing. It is flexible, and which parts of the planets are corrupted or cleansed will vary as the halves move around the planet, but it will keep the halves separate.

-3 PP: Claim Domain(Intermediate): Balance

2 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser): The Quori abduct and expirement on Aszhari and Jeraca

+1 PP: Nourish Trade(Quori Dream Lord): The Quori improve their Dream Creatures skills at combat and tracking. This is taking the Aszhari hunting tech, and applying it to all Dream Creatures who are trained by the Quori.

-2 PP: Gauntlets of Nightmare: add an additional combat part to it. Now gives +4 bonus.

 -4 PP: Guide Populace(Greater)(Staff of Dreams): The Quori become master manipulators of the mind. As a side effect, they also gain some resistance to mental manipulations. -2 PP: Guide Populace(Lesser): The Quori expand into some Beholder territory.

-2 PP: 2 Nourish Populace(Beholder Dream Lord): The Quori gather their forces -3 PP: The Quori expand through the Beholder territory and enslave all of the Beholders (Topheh, I'm willing to work this out) -2 PP: Create Artifact(Intermediate): The Psionic "Eye". A morter-like artifact. Uses Scrying rituals to find a target anywhere within a large radius, then channel the power of the user to affect everyone/everything within the radius with the power. Counts as a +2 combat artifact, but cannot be used by gods, because it can't handle that level of power, and they can already duplicate its function anyway.

Total Spent: 78

Ymalos: November 12th Edit

2 PP Superior Mold Land: Create an atmosphere for Yrie's moon.
2 PP Superior Spawn Beast: Create lunar striders

1 PP Nourish Land: Create a huge forest that covers the moon.

1 PP Modify: Everything on Yrie's moon is now white.

2 PP Greater mold land: Create oceans on Yrie's moon.-

2 PP Greater mold land: Create rivers and lakes on Yrie's moon.

1 PP De-nourish populace: The dhorem.
2 PP Claim domain: Slaughter

2PP Greater shape populace: Blood Trolls

2 PP moderate create artifact: As of now unnamed spear which provides a +2 combat bonus.

1 PP attack god: Ymalos attacks Zo-Att

2 PP Greater shape populace: Maenads (divine servants)

3 PP Nourish populace x3: Maenads.
1 PP Attack god: Nenneve

2 PP Create artiface: As of now unnamed shield that provides a +2 combat bonus.

0PP Lesser guide (divine servants): The Maenads attack the soulspike devourers.

2 PP Nourish populace x2: The Maenads.

2 PP De-nourish populace x2: The soulspike devourers

.0 PP Lesser guide populace x2 (divine servant): The Maenads stop attacking the Devourers and travel home to Yrie.

2 PP moderate mold land: Ymalos puts Yrie's moon back together.

4PP Superior mold: create the Underdark.

2PP Superior shape: Digger trolls.

1PP Lesser spawn: A myriad of small predators that all eat each other and all are eaten by the digger trolls.

3 PP moderate shape populace: Grimlocks.

1 PP lesser claim domain: Underdark.

3 PP Guide populace: The Blood Trolls learn to capture and imprison Dhorem so that they have emergency rations if need be.

1 PP De-nourish populace: Dhorem.

1 PP Nourish populace: Blood Trolls.

2 PP guide populace & 3 PP guide populace: Some of the Digger Trolls learn to make pitfall traps to capture and eat Dhorem. They form a nation called Morsinfra.

1 PP nourish populace: The Morsinfra.1 PP de-nourish populace: The Dhorem.

2 PP guide populace: The Grimlocks join the Morsinfra

1 PP de-nourish populace: The Dhorem. 2 PP guide populace: The Blood Trolls form the Bloodsworn Nation.

2 PP guide populace: The Morsinfra establish trade with the Bloodsworn 3 PP create artifact: The Fountain of Life.

1 PP nourish: The Blood Trolls.

1PP nourish: The Digger Trolls.

1 PP nourish: The Grimlocks.

2 PP mold: Ymalos puts Yrie's moon back together.

1PP guide: The Morsinfra now inhabit Yrie's Moon.

1 PP guide: The Bloodsworn are moved to Yrie's Moon

0 PP guide (divine servants): The Maenads travel the universe, seeking out slaughter.

1PP nourish (Fountain of Life): The Morsinfra.

Total Spent: 69

Ninneve: November 12th Edit

3 PP Mold Land, Greater- Crystal Sphere

1 PP Mold Land, Lesser- Worldlet

Nourish Land- 3PP

2 PP-Shape Populous (Greater)- Soulspike Devourers

Nourish Populous-2PP Soulspike Devourers

2 PP Shape Populous (Greater)- Angeloi

1 PP Nourish Populous- Angeloi

3 PP- Create Artifact, Major (Nourish) :  The Effluvial Standards

1 PP- Nourish Populous: Angeloi

3PP- Ascend Exarch: Jezebel, the God King (Nourish)

2 PP to creation of Kaorti (Epic Populous)

1PP-Nourish Populous- Kaorti

1PP-Nourish Populous: Soulspike Devourers

1PP (God King)- Nourish Populous: Angeloi

2PP Guide Populous-  Kaorti learn masonry

1PP (God King) Nourish Populous- Angeloi

3PP- Claim Domain: Psionics 3PP- Create Artifact: Instant of Perfection 2PP (Jezevel)- Nourish Populous: Angeloi

Total Spent: 37

Draemus: November 21st Edit

2 PP: The Hall of Petitions.

1 PP: Claim Domain(Lesser): Bureaucrats

2 PP: Shape Populace (Epic): The Watchers  Essentially interstellar book-keepers

3 PP:  Lipsis, an exarch, travels among the mortal kingdoms, and guides them as per the commands of Lipsis' mask.
3 PP: Lipsis' Mask. Lipsis' Mask grants Draemus sight through it... And the bearer of the mask can hear the commands of Draemus if ever he chooses to make them. He's normally too busy, mind...

2 PP: Guide: The Glass Titans are given structure to their worship. They gather together to praise Grawlf, and acknowledge the Pantheon as a whole.They are aware of the existence of the Great Court, and of some of the interplay between the Gods that have affected them.
2 PP: Guide: As above, for the Dhorem.

3 PP, Greater Artifact: Book of the Ways.

Total Spent: 18 PP

Durenghast: December 19Edit

Nourish Land (1 PP) [think this is a Nourish action]: Luckstone Depository. Durenghast's playing affects the stones he touches, minorly infusing them with his power. Additionally, the shining stone (actually a diamond) has split into a set of Fortune Stones, one of each type.

Mold Land (Stars, 2 PP): Some of the stars fall to the ground, where they rest as sparkling lights that might eventually be used by the races of Renissa. Other stars join their bigger brethren, creating dual stars, while a few more stop being still and begin to race across the skies of Renissa, creating a shooting star shower that can be seen in different points of the world.

Spawn (Lesser, 1 PP): Radiant Wisps. These tiny luminescent balls are infused with the essence of Renissa, and thus stimulate the growth and health of fauna and flora in their immediate vicinity.

Nourish Land (1 PP, Lesser): Multiply the lilies.

Nourish Land (Greater), 3 PP to regrow Verda

Create Epic Race (2 PP, +1 from the Wall of Origins):  Do Animus (Plural: Dea Animum), the Unbound Ones. reacting to the wild energy inside of Durenghast, the Wall of Origins takes it to create a race of creatures who constantly blink in and out of being. In this way, the Unbound Ones are never quite inside the world. At the same time, they exist and do not. They are something on the cusp of existence.

Guide Populace (2 PP): The Unbound ones establish contact with the races of The Grotto and set up their homes there.

Nourish Populace (1 PP): The Unbound Ones multiply, which enables them to settle in another location.

Guide Populace, 2 PP: The orcs learn about the The Taint Inside, a philosophy which centers around taming the base, animal impulses and how to tap into their inherent corruption to alter their perspective on things, finding novel approaches to problems and issues. All of this focuses around controlling their corruption and minimizing or eliminating its negative effects. In due time, those who truly take the principles of the Taint Inside to heart can maximize the potential of their heritage, tapping into it for increased resourcefulness and inventiveness.

Create Artifact, 2 PP: The Broken Stone. The stone represents what the orcs can achieve through their self control, and the advantages and disadvantages of their collective self. By taking little bits of the stone and carrying it on his person, an orc can completely suppress his depravity and tendency towards base impulses. Durenghast intends for the orcs to use the stone until they have managed to embrace their heritage completely, to give them time they otherwise would not have to learn.

2 PP: The Unbound Ones learn how to read and write. They use a unique, flowing alphabet named Kitarian, which places emphasis on the strength of the strokes of each word to indicate meaning. Nourish Populace, 1 PP: The Unbound Ones begin trading with the orcs, and they multiply in number once more. The Hunters' Council grows in power, as it regulates negotiation and diplomacy with the orcs, plus the relations between the village and the Unbound Ones' original settlement is rekindled.

Total Spent: 21

Cru: January 02Edit

  • 4 PP Create Plane (Greater) A Land Far Far Away: This is the place where all of Cru's stories take place.
  • 3 PP Ascend Exarch The Princess: The archetypical fairy-tale princess, the Princess spends all her time singing to forest creatures and trying to find her true love. She provides Guide PP, since her songs are so powerful as to inspire people to learn new things.
  • 2 PP Shape Populace (Greater) The Far Far Awayers: Everyone in A Land Far Far Away has an amazing singing voice and is always ready to break into an impromptu dance number. Everyone here also loves a good story, but expects them all to follow the usual format with all the regular cliches.
  • 1 PP Modify Populace (Greater) The Fairy Godmothers: Transform some Far Far Awayers into Fairy Godmothers. It is the job of the Fairy Godmothers to ensure every story ends Happily Ever After. No exceptions.
  • 1 PP Nourish Populace: The Fairy Godmothers form the organization known as Ever After. This specialized group of Fairy Godmothers make it their mission statement to find love for desperate young girls (sometimes boys) in need of a Happily Ever After. They also work as a sort of defacto police force for the plane, ensuring that everyone meets their Happily Ever After Prerequisites.
  • 1 PP Nourish Land: Musically-inclined woodland creatures inhabit the forests of A Land Far Far Away.
  • 3 PP Create Artifact (Greater) The City of Bright: This is a roughly moon-sized globe. Every inch of it is covered in cityscape with the occasional garden or park here and there. And the material from which it is made seems to permanently glow.

3 PP Create Artifact (Greater) The City of Bright can sustain its inhabitants with food and water. For more exotic fare, one must search elsewhere. It effectively provides Nourish PP.

  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) A small number of titan refugees themselves on Bright. In the new paradise, they seem to be doing quite well, and find buildings there that seem to fit their stature. They nowhere near fill the vast city, and enormous swathes of it remain unexplored.
  • Total Spent: 19

Kel'Zora: Jan 03 Edit

3 PP: Claim Domain (Greater) : Ice

1 PP: Mold Land (Lesser): City of Ice-

2PP  Spawn Beast (Moderate): Water Archon (Divine Servants)

2PP Spawn Monsters: Ice Archons (divine servants)

3PP=8PP-1PP Modify Spawn (Archons): Earth Archons (Divine servants) (moderate) -1PP Modify Spawn (Archons): Air Archons (Divine Servants) (Moderate) -1PP Modify Spawn (Archons): Fire Archons (Divine Servants) (Moderate) -1PP Modify Spawn (Air, Fire, Water Archons): Storm Archons (Divine Servants) (Moderate) -1PP Gain Lesser Domain: Archons

Total Spent: 16 PP