When two mortal groups come into conflict, the following formula will determine who is the victor. However, any OOC agreements between gods will automatically trump this formula. Only in the case where two gods cannot come to an agreement, the following formula will be used. You can use [1] to roll your dice. Please include a link to the roll in your post.

Each group participating in the combat will calulate a power rating as defined below:

Power Rating FormulaEdit

PR = Age of Group in weeks +Nourishes +Initial PP spent on creation+ Unique Techs + 2d3 for each combat artifact/exarch present +1d6 for luck.

The ratings for each side in the conflict will be summed to determine which group has suffered a defeat, at which point the players should post in an appropriate manner (see the Example below)

This calculation will be done once per week. The first group that has a higher number 3 times will be declared the winner, at which point the two players should sit down and determine precisely what that means.

An important note is that each week, a combat artifact or exarch may only be used in either a mortal or divine combat each week, and no more than 4 artifacts or exarch may be used in total.


The Imperium, the Free Nation and the Iron State are invading the main continent of Serena and are being met by an alliance of Terena, Meriba and the Loremasters.

Each nation ends up with the following rolls: Imperium: 24, Free Nation: 18, Iron State: 17. Terena 31, Meriba, 17, Loremasters, 10.

We sum the numbers up to have the invaders with a score of 59 and the defenders with a score of 58. The defenders have lost, but the posts RPing this event could more closely mirror the scores, with the Terenan army making a daring strike and taking a valuable resource, the meribans holding their own and the loremasters being routed for an overall loss as the Imperium's armies managed to take a lot of new land due to the loremaster's failings.

Again, these rules are guidelines for good RP, not meant to take their place. Talk amongst yourselves to determine the best solution.