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Lords of Creation: Lightvoid is a collaborative game played on the DnD forums at the Wizards of the Coast website. In it, players, playing the gods themselves, create a viable campaign setting for use in the DnD game.


  • Age 3 has now begun! These changes are in affect:
  • Superior Actions require Admin Approval

Hall of Fame Edit

This week's Hall of Fame winner is: The Brothers!

Once every week, one creation or creator is voted by the players as a Hall of Fame member. This cannot be anything you have spent PP on, remember! To vote, post in the OOC thread or send a PM to "Shadowhntr7" on the DnD forums.

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Game History

This is a narrative history of the game. This page attempts to give a brief overview of the events of the game in order to quickly bring potential and new players up to speed...