Lohak is the fourth god in existence, created by the Sisters of Time and has control over Creation, Fire, and Earth 

Information Block Edit

Name: Lohak

Domains: Creation, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, Metalworking, Chromatic Dragons, Fear.

Appearace: A large humanoid torso with six arms, composed of a constantly altering pattern of magma and metal. Below the wast, he is simply a constantly shifting mass of liquified rock and metal. He's a jerk.

Symbol: ???

Background Edit


  • Lohak was one of three gods created by the Sisters, and is favored by Pasha.

Description & Personality

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Planes Edit

Artifacts Edit

  • The Burning Orb.  Zo-Att attempted to destroy the Orb, but it just reformed into multiple smaller Orbs of Flame.  One Orb of Flame is currently inside the unnamed planetoid, placed there by Sonel.
  • The Revita-Sphere. Lohak created this to heal Sonel from his near-death battle with Zo-Att. It has since become Sonel's exarch.
  • The Stabilizer - keeps the islands and atmosphere of Lohak's new world in balance.
  • Ravnos - A combat artifact for Dvgr, previously known as Grawlf.

Exarchs Edit

Heroes Edit

  • Mortals that are your gods champions

Races and People-Groups Edit

  • Red Dragons
  • White Dragons
  • Green Dragons
  • Blue Dragons
  • Black Dragons

Beasts Edit

  • Prey animals for his dragons.

Plants Edit

  • Same as Beasts, just with plants instead

Landforms Edit

  • A large, unnamed, mass of floating islands.

Power Level Edit

1 PP/day