was the ninth god to be created, and holds sway over the powers of Chaos and Fear

Information Block Edit

Name: Lizt

Domains: Fear, Chaos 

Appearace: Lizt takes the form of a roiling ball of entropic energy. Flashes of ideas and images streak across the edges of his "body". Needs the Orb of Entropy to exist for any longstanding period of time (Or is he afraid to risk letting go?)

Symbol:A hand missing the second and fourth fingers.

Background Edit


  • Lizt was created and then abandoned by Zo-Att, by the mixture of his divine spark with the Orb of Entropy.

Description & Personality

  • Lizt is the bastard child of the gods, and suffers from severe mood swings. He is intent on leaving a mark on the universe, in order to garner as much attention as possible. Whether this mark is for good or ill is of no consequence: Given his unstable nature... this won't be pretty.

He is rumored to have created the domain of Love, though cast it away like a spoilt brat when the object of his affections changed faster than he could...

Planes Edit

  • The Chaos Engine is the literal heart of Lizt. Within its confines, he keeps the Orb of Entropy. Within the chambers of this rhythmless heart lies pure chance. If it is unlikely, it can happen within the confines of this plane. The Chaos Engine provides an element of random to the multiverse, and feeds off of each unfettered chain of circumstance, The Plane of Unfate.

Artifacts Edit

  • The Orb of Entropy, which is about the size of a house, but it sometimes becomes smaller. Anything that gets too close to it will lose structure, and possibly be destroyed. The exception being, Lizt, who uses it as an impromptu heart: As much measure of stability as his chaotic nature will allow.

Exarchs Edit

  • Your gods servants, created from your own divine will.

Heroes Edit

  • Mortals that are your gods champions

Races and People-Groups Edit

  • Mortal races or factions that your god has created


  • The Sticky World: A giant 'planet' created by Lizt, which is in fact a living slime creature that will slowly devour those who step foot on it.

Plants Edit

  • Same as Beasts, just with plants instead

Landforms Edit

  • Space Junk: A swarm of meteors made to mess with the other gods.

Power Level Edit

1 PP/day