Swarm of Bees

Khitis's current form.

Khitis is the 15th created god, the Keeper and Protector of Life itself

Information BlockEdit

Name: Khitis

Domains: Life, Protection, Orium Dragons

Physical Appearance: A swarm of insects that can assume many forms.

Symbol: A stylized insect, taking flight



Khitis was created by Brinn to aid her in looking after the forests she protected.

Description and Personality

Khitis is a young god, but he's already discovered that he can't stand those who destroy indiscriminately, or for reasons that (in his eyes) don't hold water.

Relationship to Other Gods

Khitis is closest to Brinn, his creator. He is also friends with Shry and Eshcal, who helped him to shape life upon the Isles of Wonder. Grawlf is also a god he considers himself on good terms with.

Khitis considers Sku'byss to be a deadly foe.


While Khitis was not responsible for the creation of the Isles of Wonder, he played an instrumental role in modifying them into the form they have today.


Verdant: A bastard sword that appears like it was grown naturally rather than crafted.


None at the moment


None at the moment

Races and People-GroupsEdit

Khitis created the race of Orium Dragons on the Plains Isles on the Isles of Wonder.


Purification Moths: These moths have been created by the God of Life with the express purpose of lessening the impact of any force that corrupts nature that they come across.

Horned Drakes: Giant, plant-eating lizards who mainly feed on dying and dead foliage. They resort to eating newer plants if no dead plant matter can be found.

Fang Drakes: Giant, meat-eating lizards whose main diet consists of Horned Drakes. They serve to keep the Horned Drake population in check, and will likely remain on the top of the food chain for some time.


Bridge Stalks: These enormous plants connect all of the major asteroids in the Isles of Wonder together.


Khitis has shaped the Isles of Wonder and the many environments contained within it.

Power LevelEdit

1 PP/day