"He called for the small fragments of matter dispersed in the cosmo, reshaping the currents of gravity to pull them in a single point, slowly a new massive orb begun to take shape. Unlike the other worlds it was not formed by a solid substance, but by dense air. Most of its surface was as soft as cloud, but deeper the pressure grew so strong that it could easily crush a behemoth or a stone, in its heart was an hellish core of superheated gases and of molten metal, not as strong as the sun of course, but still powerful enough to melt vaporize anything but the strongest supernatural mineral. Many gasses was used to shape this new sphere, many time larger then Verda or Lor'quhan but much less solid, many designed by Eshcal so that they could capture the light of the sun and twist it into countless shades of red and white."
This is how Kandras was created, an huge sphere of gas that lies hundreds of kilometers below the Isles of wonder, the planet is unsuited for life, being composed mostly of gass and with a super high pressure atmosphere and a strong gravitation field, its mass kept shifting due to the planet intenral currents and some time it get nearer to the islands, almoust touching the the lower ones with an effec similar to the high tide of the seas.

The planet possess its own unique inhabitants, the sentient Zang and a race of mindless eels that are capable of channelling and storing supernatural energies.