In order to imprison a god, the imprisoning god, having defeated the imprisoned god as defined above, must spend 3x the daily PP rate of the imprisoned god, rounded to the nearest whole number. At this point, the god is imprisoned and is unable to leave his or her prison and suffers a reduction in their weekly PP by 2 times their daily rate. In addition to this PP expenditure, a god may spend another PP to reduce the imprisoned god’s weekly PP production by 2. These costs must be paid each week in order to maintain the imprisonment.

In addition, the imprisoned god is weakened and unable to influence the world outside his prison with the same speed or power as a free god. Because of this, an imprisoned god is limited to spending 2 times his or her daily PP allotment per day.

An ExampleEdit

The Empress and Vymrl get into a fight. After a great battle the Empress defeats Vymrl, a 2 PP/day god. In order to imprison Vymrl, the Empress must spends 6 PP to imprison him. At this point, Vymrl is considered imprisoned, and is limited to spending 4 PP/day and will only recieve 10 PP in a week. If the Empress wishes to fully incapacitate Vymrl, she must spend an additional 5 PP to reduce the amount of weekly PP for Vymrl to 0. The next week, she would need to spend the same amount of PP the next week to maintain the imprisonment.