The First Populace ever created, Glass Titans rule over the deserts of Yrie.


Many dozens of feet tall, Glass Titans appear made from thick opaque glass which becomes more see-through as it nears the extremities, to the point where young glass titans' hands are completely clear and one can see the red-hot molten glass that serves as their blood.


The First populace, Glass Titans were the result of careful experimentation by Grawlf, born from the molten glass caused by the sun worms of Yrie.

Important SettlementsEdit

Casaka, City of Glass: Casaka rises above the dunes of Yrie, glass spires straining towards the sky.


Currently fairly nomadic, with one leader. Succession has yet to be an issue.


Glass Titans generally take names starting with a hard sound, like Karhedron, Khrint, Cinthas.

Gnome StatsEdit

Average Height: tall.

Average Weight: heavy.

Size: Huge

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Tremorsense

Languages: Common;


None Yet


None Yet.

Sample Stat BlockEdit