The larger and saggier precursors to Minotaurs, the Gigotaurs were created within The Labyrinth, the universe's second dungeon. There they learned the tenets of Dharrox's Code from The Brothers, and soonafter expanded into Verda. Eager to create their homes, they began uprooting large swaths of the forest. Araiyo, sensing this, came with Ankirega to confront the beasts. The beasts prostrated themselves before Ankirega when he revealed his divinity, but held proudly to their Code. Ankirega told them not to destroy more of the forest than they must, and to obey the laws set of them in their new home. Afterwards, the two great wolves, backed by their Primal Spirit band, taught the Gigotaurs of music.

After this, the gigotaurs continued to expand, cutting down swathes of forest to make roads and more cities. Eventually, only a religious sect remained in the Labyrinth, calling themselves the Order of the Labyrinth and being devoted to protecting it and guiding pilgrims who visited it. The remaining gigotaurs moved to the world outside, dividing into numerous lands ruled by noble gigotaur families. A reliable map of the region is impossible: gigotaurs war with each other over things as simple as not complementing a meal, and rebel at a 2% tax hike. Fortunately, most gigotaur wars are relatively bloodless sieges, which none the less can take months or even years to resolve.

Racial Information:

Base Power: 4

Nourishes: 3

Techs: 1 (Stoneworking)

Nations: The Order of the Labyrinth, assorted lands ruled by noble gigotaur families.

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