"Zo-Att lifted up her tail, and moved it close to her mouth. Opening wide, she placed the tail in her maw and bit hard. Black ichor spilled from the wound, and the tip of her tail fell to the planet below. It dug under the earth of Yrie, and managed to burrow all the way to its center. There the tail re-grew into a fearsome form. It did not become the same shape as Zo-Att, but rather slowly evolved into a quadrepedal creature. It grew a carapace with sharp spikes and teeth to fill its gargantuan maw in multiple layers. The four feet grew claws, and its tail glowed black and wispy, much like Zo-Att's own tail.
It was a force of great destruction, but for now, it remained dormant. Its potential was great, but Zo-Att wanted her creation to be a surprise. Not a very pleasant one, however."