Bel is the 20th Lord of Creation

Information BlockEdit

Name: Bel

Domains: Fire

Appearance: She was a small girl, her skin crimson in hue, with hair black as the void falling lazily about her thin shoulders. Her eyes were twin pits of black that drew in the eye and held the stare for unnaturally long. From her brow stretched two horns, also of deepest black. They curved back towards the back of her head, delicate and strangely powerful at the same time. Her body was smooth and rather beautiful. She was also naked.

Symbol: The holy symbol that your mortal followers know you by



  • Bel was created by Lohak in his rage, from the surface of the Shadowfell.

Description & Personality

  • More details about your god; what they look like in-depth, how they act, maybe what they plan to do


  • Any planes of existence that your god has created, i.e. the Shadowfell or the Feywild


  • The Black Tooth: This small, black tooth sits within Bel's stomach. Within it is trapped the Shadowfell.
  • The White Tooth: This tiny, white tooth also sits in Bel's stomach. However, this one holds the Lightfell within it.



  • Mortals that are your gods champions

Races and People-GroupsEdit

  • Mortal races or factions that your god has created

Beasts Edit

  • Pit Fiend
  • Legion Devils
  • War Devils


  • Same as Beasts, just with plants instead


  • Any landmasses your god has made. Means anything from hills and mountains, to new planets

Power LevelEdit

1 PP/day